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Niva Medical Oy manufacturers the line of Polar Products: Polar Frost, sold worldwide in 50 countries, USA being the number one country. Polar Frost carries CE and several other registrations, including TGA for Australia. Polar Band Exercise Band and Tubing, in latex and latex-free forms, well-known and widely used by professionals in physical therapy and wellness world. Polar Trode -electrodes are reusable and adhesive, used with any type of electrotherapy devices. Polar Face Pillow, is the solution for keeping comfort during treatment. Polar Tens is a portable device for pain therapy, including a treatment chart showing the correct placement of the electrodes on the body.

Polar Frost Pain Relieving Cold Gel

Polar Frost

Pain relieving cold gel provides moderate long acting reduction (5-6 C) of the skin temperature, for 2-4 hours, without risks of counter reactions or frostbites.



POLAR TENS -unit uses mild, safe electrical current to help control the pain and delivers the current to the body through adhesive, conductive electrodes.


  • Patient Guide
  • Carrying case
  • Pack of 4 electrodes

Polar Tens

Autowave 695

Electrical Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

The Auto*Wave 695 has a compressed air ballistic pulse energy generator that transfers pulse energy to the transmitter in the hand piece. The motion and weight of the projectile, which is accelerated by compressed air, produces kinetic energy that is converted into pulse energy when the projectile strikes the surface of the transmitter. The acoustic pulse energy is transformed into impact energy from the contact area into the therapeutic target tissue radially. Ready to start therapy with two transmitters 15 – 20 mm radial heads included and cleaning set in case.

Autowave Shockwave


Polar Face Pillow for treatment couches. This memory foam pillow allows treatment in prone position, comfortable and protecting the face. Polar Face Pillow will adapt to the face of the patient. The black microfiber cover is washable. Polar Face Pillow – Size: 27 x 30 x 4,5 cm. Material: Memory foam.

Polar Facepillow

More Niva Medical products

Niva Medical Oy manufacturers a wide range of Polar Products: Polar Frost Pain Relieving Cold Gel, Polar Band Exercise Band and Tubing, Polar Trode Electrodes, Polar Tens -units and Polar Face Pillow. The products are all well-known and widely used by professionals in physical therapy and wellness.

Polar Frost pain relieving gel

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Introducing our partners:

Mettler Electronics

Massage Therapy G5
Sys*Stim® 240 neuromuscular stimulator
Sys*Stim 294 neuromuscular stimulator
Sonicator 740 therapeutic ultrasound

Mettler Electronics Corp. (Est. 1957, Anaheim, California): Ultrasound devices (Sonicator), Electrotherapy stimulators (Sys*Stim), Combination units, Shortwave diathermy (Autotherm), Shockwave, Laser, TENS, Ultrasound Gel (Sonigel), Hot & Cold Packs, Ultrasonic Cleaners (Cavitator).

Whitehall Manufacturing

Mobile Moist Heat Unit
Whirlpool Whitehall

Whitehall Manufacturing (Est. 1946, City of Industry, California): Hydrotherapy whirlpools, Hot Pack Heating Units (Thermalators), Paraffin Tanks, Waterbath, Splinting devices, Hot Packs, Cold Packs, Terry Covers, Paraffin Wax, Goniometers, Stainless Steel Carts, Scrub Sinks, Care-Ware (Bedside Patient Care Units).

Bovie Medical

Electronic surgery equipment Bovie

Surgery Lamp Bovie
Surgery equipment Bovie Medical
bovie medical

Bovie Medical Est.1978, Our products are marketed through Bovie’s own brands and on a private label basis to distributors throughout the world. We also leverage our expertise in the design, development and manufacturing of electrosurgical equipment for both large, and small medical device manufacturers through original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreements.

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