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Polar Frost Tube 150ml
Polar Frost Roll-on 75ml
Polar Heat Roll-on 75ml
Polar Frost Pump Bottle 500ml
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Airex Coronella (60x185x1,5cm)
Save 15,75€
Schupp Massage Lotion, Neutral 6x1L
Neurostimulation Electrodes Ø7cm, 4/pk
Polar Frost Tens
Polar Frost Tube 20ml
The Water Pillow by Mediflow
Save 16,20€
Polar Frost Exercise Bands 45.7m
Polar Frost Polar Frost Exercise Bands 45.7m
From 64,80€ 81€
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Polar Face Pillow
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Polar Frost Exercise Bands 1.5 m
Polar Frost Exercise Bands 5.5 m
Save 31€
Airex Corona (100x185x1,5cm)
Airex Airex Corona (100x185x1,5cm)
124€ 155€
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Polar Frost Sachet 5g
Neurostimulation Electrodes Ø3.2cm, 4/pk
Neurostimulation Electrodes Ø5cm, 4/pk
Save 5€
Swedish Posture- Posture™ Flexi Corrector
Save 2€
Polar Desi - Disinfection Gel 100ml
Save 13,80€
Airex Fitline 180 (Aqua green)
Airex Airex Fitline 180 (Aqua green)
55,20€ 69€
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Save 13,80€
Airex Fitness 120 (Blue)
Airex Airex Fitness 120 (Blue)
55,20€ 69€
In stock
Save 10€
Swedish Posture- Posture™ Reminder T-shirt

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