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HiDow ACU XPDS 18 (Sport Model)
Save 20,05€
HiDow Spot
HiDow HiDow Spot
79,95€ 100€
In stock
Save 14,80€
Lifetime warranty for your HiDow device
HiDow AcuGloves
HiDow HiDow AcuGloves
In stock
HiDow AcuSlippers
HiDow HiDow AcuSlippers
In stock
HiDow AcuBelt
HiDow HiDow AcuBelt
In stock
HiDow AcuSocks
HiDow HiDow AcuSocks
In stock
HiDow AcuKnee Wrap
Save 200€
HiDow Pro Touch 6-12 - Wireless TENS/ EMS & Microcurreny Device
Save 31€
Airex Corona (100x185x1,5cm)
Airex Airex Corona (100x185x1,5cm)
124€ 155€
In stock
Save 13,60€
Airex Balance Pad (Blue)
Airex Airex Balance Pad (Blue)
54,40€ 68€
In stock
Save 11€
Airex Fitline 140 (Aqua green)
The Water Pillow by Mediflow
Polar Frost Kinesiology Tape (1 roll, 5m)
Save 2€
Polar Desi - Disinfection Gel 500ml
ME 740 Sonicator
Polar Frost Exercise Bands 45.7m (Latex-Free)

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