Polar Tens

Polar Tens pain treatment with TENS divices.
Polar Tens Pain Relieving Therapy – dual channel

Polar Tens

Polar Tens Pain Relieving Therapy

Polar Tens -unit uses mild, safe electrical signals to help control pain and delivers the electrical signal to the body through a connection of a lead wire and self adhesive conductive electrodes.
POLAR TENS unit is a portable, pocked-sized, battery-powered device.
Polar Trode Neurostimulation Electrodes available in most popular sizes and shapes. High quality and low cost will please your customer.

  • Complete set, including electrodes
  • Soft, padded carrying case
  • Comes with a easy to use Electrode Placement Chart

How does Polar Tens work?

The most common TENS programs use high-frequency stimulation, which is the first choice for both acute and chronic pains. High-frequency stimulation send impulses to the nervous systems own pain-inhibiting mechanisms, which block the pain.
You can use it as often and as long as you like, but each treatment should last at least 45 minutes.
ANOTHER TYPE OF TENS is low-frequency stimulation. Low-frequency TENS treatment can alleviate pain by stimulating muscles to release the body ́s own morphine-like substance, endorphins. Place the electrode on a muscle in the painful area so that a visible contraction occurs.
You can use low-frequency TENS for 20-45 minutes, three times a day. Low-frequency stimulation can lead to sore muscles.

Polar Tens packagepolar electrodes on the body womanpolar electrodes on the body woman


  • Polar TENS -device
  • 1 Pack self adhesive electrodes • 2 Patient leads
  • Instruction manual
  • 1.9 V Battery
  • Patient Guide to TENS
  • Belt clip
  • CE 0434
  • Soft, padded carrying case

For use with the Polar Tens, Polar Trode Neurostimulation Electrodes
Polar self-adhesive carbon film neurostimulation electrodes feature soft rubber lead wire attachments that make it easy to attach them to the electrode lead wires. A long lasting gel provides strong adhesion to the skin. Polar Trodes come in four convenient sizes.

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