Let us introduce you to KoreBalance®, a balance and rehabilitation assessment device which offers engaging programs to improve outcomes in orthopedic and neurosensory rehabilitation.

 KoreBalance® helps patients to

  • Effectively improve your balance and stability
  • to work specifically on fall prevention
  • Activate cognitive, motor and sensory skills

The KoreBalance® software allows practitioners to objectively assess balance. Training programs stimulate the brain and nervous system to improve balance, stability, coordination and posture.

Interactive 3D games make training programs fun and captivating.

KoreBalance® provides a high tech solution for a variety of medical challenges. This modality captures and retrains balance performance with reproducible settings and engaging software. 

NEW - optional NeuroTracker software!

When used consistently for just 6-minutes a session, NeuroTrackerX heightens human performance, increases mental awareness and resilience in the face of adversity. The program homes in on the brain core functions and trains them much like any other muscle in the body.

  • Executive function
  • Peripheral vision
  • Visual info processing
  • Working Memory

 KoreBalance® is CE and FDA certified.


 KoreBalance® Standard-19



KoreBalance® Pro-19 



 KoreBalance® Premiere-22



 KoreSway Compact


KoreSway Mobile



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